Friday, 24 February 2012

Himachal records rise in temperature

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SHIMLA/ MANALI: Shimla and Manali have recorded drastic rise in temperature, with minimum temperature remaining many notches above the freezing point.
Minimum temperature in Manali and Shimla was below the freezing point for over two months while maximum temperature, too, was close to 5 degrees Celsius. On Friday, the minimum temperature in Manali was 3 degrees Celsius and maximum temperature was 13 degrees Celsius. Minimum and maximum temperature in Bhunter near Kullu was 6.8 and 21.7 degrees Celsius respectively. Residents are feeling relief from biting cold and having no need of electric room heaters during the day time.
It’s been raining continuously in Manali for a week but there are no signs of snow. Only the high altitude peaks above 11,000 feet of height are experiencing mild snowfall here. Meanwhile, impact of temperature is clear on plum trees which are on the stage of blossom. This sharp rise in temperature has faded all possibilities of snowfall in hill resorts of Manali, Shimla, McLeodganj (Dharamshala) and Dalhousie.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Manali villagers start snow clearing campaign

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MANALI: A week after the heavy snowfall in Manali, residents of upper Manali have climbed on their roof tops to clear the four to six feet snow which has shaken the foundation of houses with its tons of kilogram weight.
Majhach, Shanag, Kothi, Burua, Solang, Goshal, Palchan and many other villages are buried under four to six feet of snow. Observing crackling sound from the roofs, residents have started snow clearance campaign to avoid any mishap. Residents say they are getting to remove this kind of snow after many years.
Villagers remove snow form their roof top in Manali villages
A resident of Burua village, Ganga Thakur, said the thickness of snow is so much that people have disappeared on their roof and villagers are happy to see real heavy snowfall after many years. “Weight of the snow may damage our houses. Heaps of snow along the sides of walls is almost touching our roofs. Thank god, no mishap is reported from our village,” he said.
Villagers said the traditional houses which are up to 100 years’ old have capacity to withstand more than 10 feet snow but newly built houses may collapse only at 3 feet snow. “The only problem in old houses is the dripping water from the roof and their inability to let the snow slide itself,” another resident from Kothi village Pyare Ram Thakur said, adding that occupants of newly built houses are more concerned about collapsing of their roofs.
Similar problem is being faced by residents of Malana village where 7 feet snow has engulfed everything. This ancient village of Kullu was gutted in fire in January 2008 and 150 houses were reduced to fire. As the snowfall stopped for some moment on Tuesday, residents started their campaign to clear the snow from roofs.
A resident of Malana, Mine Ram, said over the phone, “This snowfall has locked us inside the village. Another one foot of snow would definitely collapse our roofs. This year we have seen record snowfall after a decade.”

More snow in store for Himachal

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Himachal witnesses coldest morning of the season

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SHIMLA/MANALI: A crystal clear sky on Thursday, a day after heavy snowfall in the state, brought with it coldest morning of the season and froze everything that came in contact with the air. Temperature suddenly plummeted many notches below the freezing point freezing every source of water including drinking water lines.
Manali town on Thursday
Manali recorded spine chilling night at -7.4 degrees Celsius and district administration has announced to close all the schools till Sunday. Keylong in Lahaul-Spiti district recorded minimum temperature of -17.8 degrees Celsius, 9 degrees below the normal temperature for this time of season. Mercury in Shimla plunged to -3.8 degrees Celsius. Kalpa in Kinnaur shivered at -10.6 degrees Celsius while minimum temperature of Solan was dropped to -2 degrees Celsius. Dharmashala, Mandi and Bhunter recorded minimum temperatures of 2.1, 5.8 and 0.5 degrees Celsius respectively.
Not only drinking water pipes frozen completely in the most of the parts of the state but brooks and sewer lines too has frozen completely. Reports from Keylong said the waters of Chenab river have frozen partially. Vehicles in Upper Shimla, Kinnaur, Lahaul and Manali had tough time driving on the slippery frosty roads. People had to pour hot water over the frozen pipes to get drinking water.
Traffic was affected on Shimla-Kufri-Narkanda, Kharapatthar-Rohru and Shimla-Chopal routes due to heavy snowfall on Wednesday. In Manali, tourists could not move beyond Nehru Kund, 6km from here, due to dangerous associated with frosty road. Dozens of other roads have been blocked after snowfall. People living at high altitude areas are facing the shortage of drinking water and power supply has been interrupted.
Cold waves throughout the day restricted normal activities of the residents. Meanwhile, Shimla meteorological department has forecast of more snow in coming days which has shivered apple growers of the state who are not able to complete their necessary works at orchards.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Unexpected snow cheers tourists, affects traffic

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MANALI: After a clear sky on Tuesday, Manali woke up to a thick layer of white snow on Wednesday morning. Thousands of tourists enjoyed this moment as a precious gift to them by god but at the same time, school goers and commuters had to face problems, with traffic affected after heavy snowfall.

Vehicles under snow in Manali on Wednesday

Manali town recorded 15cm fresh snowfall. With 45cm more snowfall, Solang ski slopes are covered under 120cm of snow. Kothi village received 50cm snow while Rohtang pass received around 3 feet more snow. Cold waves have gripped the valley and most of the people remained indoors for the whole day. Traffic on Delhi-Manali national highway was partially affected and buses from Kullu could not reach Manali.
Students had to walk on feet to reach their schools. Tourists did not dare to go away from their hotels and enjoyed with snow just outside their rooms. Meanwhile, reports of light snowfall in next few days have scared the farmers and horticultures have lots of work pending in the orchards. They could not get enough time for pruning and put manure to the trees due to regular inclement weather since first week of January.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Manali records rise in temperature, snowfall at Solang valley

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MANALI: It’s raining here since last 72 hours but town could not record accumulation of snow due to rise in both minimum and maximum temperatures which are disappointing the local residents and farmers.
Surroundings of Manali, including Solang valley, Kothi, Burua, Bahang and high altitude peaks, are experiencing heavy snowfall since Saturday but Manali town and other lower regions of Kullu are having monsoon-like rainfall. Three days after the Manali was recording minimum temperature close to 1 degree Celsius, the hill town on Sunday recorded minimum temperature of -0.6 degrees Celsius. Manali had recorded 0.6 degree Celsius minimum temperature both on Friday and Saturday. The temperature in other lower regions is even higher which is not capable to create conditions for snowfall.
Lahaul-Spiti district, where average minimum temperature in January was close to -14 degrees Celsius, has risen to -8 degrees Celsius. Keylong on Sunday recorded minimum temperature of -7.4 degrees Celsius and it was -10.3 and -7 degrees Celsius on Friday and Saturday respectively. Residents of Lahaul are worried a lot as they have seen very sparse snowfall till now this year. One Sunday, valley received heaviest snowfall of the year with Keylong, Udaipur and Koksar recording 8 inch, 6 inch and 18 inches of snowfall respectively.
Solang ski slopes in Manali have recorded 1.5 feet of fresh snowfall. Burua, Kothi and Rohtang witnessed 1 foot, 1.5 feet and 3 feet fresh snow. Manali town had no snow till Sunday evening.